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Dog and owner running on the beach

The Benefits of Fish Oil in Your Dog's Diet

Ensuring your dog eats a nutritious, balanced diet is an important part of helping them live a long and healthy life. One often-overlooked treasure trove...

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Golden retriever dog with shiny coat standing in ocean

What to Look For in a Skin and Coat Dog Food

Does your dog have dry, flaky skin and a dull coat? Are they constantly itching their skin or licking their paws? It might be time...

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Black lab with legs up on fence at entrance to the beach

10 Benefits of Fish-First Food For Dogs

As a pet parent, you want to feed your furry family only the best. After all, your dog’s diet plays a huge role in helping...

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Small dog running with empty bowl in mouth

What is the Best Dog Food for Allergies?

Did you know that your dog can be allergic to certain foods? Just like humans, dogs can have negative reactions to ingredients that are common...

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Transitioning to Simply Naked Dog Food - Simply Naked Pet Food
Dog How To Transition

Transitioning to Simply Naked Dog Food

Ready to make the switch to fish-first nutrition? Here's how to help your dog transition properly and leave them begging for more!

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3 Reasons to Try Rotational Feeding For Your Dog - Simply Naked Pet Food
Dog Rotational Feeding

3 Reasons to Try Rotational Feeding For Your Dog

Would you want to eat the same thing every day? Of course not! Your dog would truly appreciate rotational feeding and it can be really easy with Simply...

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simply naked pet products news top pet products of 2022

Pet Products News

Top Pet Products of 2022

For Pet Product News (PPN)’s editors, the Editors’ Choice Awards are a favorite tradition. Every year, we get a chance to discover manufacturers’ best new products.

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pets plus magazine top 10 high quality cat kibbles

Pets Plus Mag

10 High Quality Kibbles

Consider these premium dry dog foods as you consider the best possible recipe for your pets.

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Dive Into Fish-First Nutrition

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