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Modern Dog Magazine

Best Dry Dog Food of 2024

This curated selection of the best dry dog food of 2024 prioritizes quality ingredients, optimal nutrition, and palatability.

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Pets Plus Magazine

10 Dry Foods for Little Dogs, Big Dogs, and Customers With Causes

These 10 easy-to-feed foods will help meet all of their needs and wants while also checking your top box: healthful, high-quality ingredients.

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Pets Plus Magazine

5 Cat Dry Foods That Go Above and Beyond

These foods go above and beyond balanced nutrition and enticing taste, whether through advanced technology, sustainable sourcing, and/or making the world a better place for people and their pets.

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simply naked pet products news top pet products of 2022

Pet Products News

Top Pet Products of 2022

For Pet Product News (PPN)’s editors, the Editors’ Choice Awards are a favorite tradition. Every year, we get a chance to discover manufacturers’ best new products.

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pets plus magazine top 10 high quality cat kibbles

Pets Plus Mag

10 High Quality Kibbles

Consider these premium dry dog foods as you consider the best possible recipe for your pets.

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Dive Into Fish-First Nutrition

Wild Alaskan Salmon Dinner for Dogs
Wild Select Seafood Dinner for Dogs - Simply Naked Fish Based Dog Food for All Life Stages
Trial Pack Sampler for Cats with FREE SHIPPING - Simply Naked Fish Based Dog Food & Cat Food