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3 Reasons to Try Rotational Feeding For Your Dog

Imagine eating the same thing every meal, every day... woof. But that's essentially what our dogs are experiencing every mealtime. Creating a rotational feeding routine for your dog will keep them excited to dive into every bowl, but also has a variety of health benefits.

What is Rotational Feeding?

Simply put... rotational feeding is the practice of rotating your dog's food periodically. However, any quick or drastic change in their diet can result in digestive upset, so there's definitely a right way to this approach.

3 Reasons to Try Rotational Feeding

  1. Help with Food Allergies: Constant exposure to the same protein can create food allergies and intolerances in dogs. Allergies lead to itchy paws and skin, and upset stomachs. Rotating proteins strengthens their immune system and reduces food sensitivities.
  2. Create a Healthier Digestive System: Only having one type of dog food can limit the variety of beneficial bacteria in your dog's gut, where 70% of their immunity resides. A healthier pup starts in the gut and by providing a few proteins through rotational feeding, their digestive tract will become stronger and make it easier to break down a variety of proteins.
  3. Nutritional Benefits from a Variety of Proteins: Our premium seafood options offer a multitude of health benefits and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein for your dog. Giving them a wide variety of amino acid profiles means a well-rounded dog with no or minimal digestive issues.

Start Rotating Proteins

Because Simply Naked Dinners for Dogs have limited ingredients and a variety of proteins in each recipe, they make rotation feeding a breeze. Each of the recipes is complete and balanced with REAL wild fish as the first ingredient. When you purchase Simply Naked, just choose a different protein than your last bag. Or go through a few bags before changing proteins, either way, your dog will thank you for the change and still be getting the full power of vitamin sea!

If you've been feeding our Wild Alaskan Salmon recipe for a few months, try switching it up with our Wild Select Seafood recipe next time!

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