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Transitioning to Simply Naked Cat Food

Nobody knows your cat (or cats) better than you do. So with a little guidance, transitioning them to fish-first nutrition from Simply Naked will be a breeze.

Cats are typically picky, but can you blame them? We don't want to eat most of the cat food out there either. Recently, you may have been researching a variety of commercial cat food options and becoming more informed about their sub-par ingredients. If you've made your way here, you're looking for higher-quality dry meals for your four-legged companions. Upgrading their daily nutrition to Simply Naked is a great way to ensure your cat is getting complete and balanced nutrition from a superior wild-caught protein powerhouse... fish!

Our 10 Day Transition Plan

A sudden change from one diet to another can cause unpredictable digestive issues, so taking things slowly is the best approach. This extra time allows your cat's body to adjust to their new food with ease. 

We recommend a transition that lasts 7 to 10 days. Mixing your current food with their new food during this time, will allow your cat to say goodbye to their old food and hello to better nutrition simultaneously.

  • Day 1 through 3: 25% Simply Naked & 75% Old Food
  • Day 4 through 7: 50% Simply Naked & 50% Old Food
  • Days 8 through 10: 75% Simply Naked & 25% Old Food
  • Day 11: 100% Simply Naked

Please note that constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and gas could occur during this transition. If any of those happen, simply slow down the time between mixes. Every cat is different, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us or your veterinarian.

Hesitant to Switch? Add a Tasty Topper!

Cats are creatures of habit, so dealing with a picky kitty happens. Our dry food features a kibble size that cats love and a shape that is attractive to them, but you can always entice your cat with moist treats or wet food along with their new Simply Naked Dinners.

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